“I’m involved in this project because I want to be able to make new friends & learn new things, create and explore new ideas & experiences. I feel at mind and at peace when I play my favourite sport football.”


Age 19, Antrim 

“I am involved in this project because I want to help make a difference in young people lives and make new friends! I feel most at mind when I listen to my favourite band is Coldplay” 


Age 19, Antrim 

“I got involved with this project because I wanted to meet new people and be involved in a project to do with young people’s mental health” 


Age 17, Magherafelt 

“I am involved in this project as I want to make a difference for children and young people and their mental health and how best to support them when they need it. I feel really good when I am doing crocheting as it’s my most favourite thing to do as it calms me down right away”


Age 19, Antrim 

“I am involved with this project Generation thrive as I wanted to expand my knowledge on mental health and learn how to help support people. I feel at peace when I take walks in nature, I love music, cooking and travelling!” 


Age 19, Magherafelt 

“I am taking part in this organisation because I enjoy expanding my knowledge on mental health and listening to other people and their experiences. Listening to music helps calm me and allows me to feel stress free.” 


Age 16, Antrim 

“I am involved in this project as it is very interesting to me, and I love seeing things from other people’s perspectives. I love being involved with this project as I feel that we are making a change and opening the conversation about mental health. I feel at my best when I am playing music and singing but also when I spend time with my friends.” 


Age 18, Dunloy 

“I’m taking part in this project as I’ve always been enthusiastic about improving mental health and this project improved my ways of support for myself and others. Just a deep breath while playing or listening to music always helps me settle down” 


Age 17, Antrim